Monday, November 2, 2009

Hallows Eve and some flicks that are treats.

Halloween  was lovely.  Released my House of Horror on Saturday after a nice premier at TMUTheater.  Received some nice comments which makes me happy.  Did some trick or treating with Kid Millions and then made it out to a friends to watch Basket Case (exploitive 80's b movie shlocker - very nice).  Late night in a bar in Brooklyn on Halloween is quite a treat.  Some great drunken costumed characters.  Robots, aliens, tiny tim, wonder woman, vamps and many undead.  It was like spending the evening in someones little crazy machinima flick.  Good times.

Work continues on my Steve-os set.  Ive added a backdrop of panoramic Indianapolis 1918 (thanks library of congress) but the resolution was shoddy and I didnt like the actual results as much as I liked my gimped mockup test (below).

Also worked up a more elaborate terrain but the scale is weird so much more work to do here.  Hopefully I wont spend too much more time on a set that will be used for less than a minutes worth of filming.  And I suppose I wont show any more pics of Steve-Os till its done (at least not the same image perspective).

On the filming front, I find I'm much more of a dream it up and then figure out how to do it kind of guy but decided some old fashioned learning without a goal was called for what with me owning Iclone4 and not having played around with many of its features.  So last night I played with the path editor and was rather impressed to have my characters walking (pretty naturally) around corners in less than a minute.  Path based motions are good.  

A lot of good movies put out this weekend.  Here are two that caught my eye and went largely unseen...

What the Fu-ture? by TR3 - Live action high school spanish class educational video that rivals all that old 1985 mtv stuff (think David Lee Roth's "I aint got nobody") and includes turkish belly dancers and people getting pushed into a pool.  Did I mention this is a high school production?  Its a blast.

Cateneda Cops - Garn by Bongo - Trippy and fun moviestorm flick with more mod magic than you can shake a stick at.  Reminded me a bit of the Big Lebowski in tone.  Much unique and inventive.

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