Friday, November 6, 2009

The Future!

I've been working on a new scene from my future project and created a space aged character with a nifty jetpack and a hot babe and figured I'd just go get a nice backdrop of a future city and we would roll right into the 10 seconds of shooting that I needed.  But then I found the backdrop image I wanted and I started worrying about copyright issues and I thought...hmm, time to work with Iclone primitives.

So there we go.  I might revert in my thinking back to someone's future city image as a backdrop but with a little vaseline on the lens I think I can get away with this.  Went ahead and had the babe saddle up to jet pack boy and they take off together.  A lot of fun involved in making this scene.  Made me late for work this morning when I decided to point JPB's feet downward on takeoff but was worth it for the smirk of accomplishment that is splattered on my mug today.

On another note, heres an interesting take from James Berardinelli on the death (or near death) of independant film.  

1 comment:

  1. Any achievement that results in a smirk of accomplishment sounds pretty groovy to me! And thanks for the article link - that was an interesting read.