Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HDR Effects, Classic Fairy Tales from Virtual Worlds

With Toying Around being the first production done wholly in IC4, I made an effort to dally about with the new HDR settings.  However, the content (toys) called for a flat colorful look and I ended up not using the effect.  Now that that project is complete, I turn my attention back to bigger and more ambitious things.  Things that can use the HDR effect to better results.  

Heres a simple screenie of what is supposed to be a studio executives office.  The office layout kinda sucks and theres much work to be done here but I do think the lighting really brings things to life (or mayhaps it's just the bowler).  Much experimenting in this area to be had.  And how are there no good old classic typewriters available on 3D Warehouse?  Theres like 150 pod racers and not one typewriter older than 1970?  Hurumpha.

And not to be outdone, heres a quick closeup of Steve-O's electronics and our hero (?) done up wrong.  Agaion the HDR lighting with a lot of contrast seems to be the look I am going for.

Heres a little flick I caught last night; The Princes and the Pea  by ToxicMenges.  Shot in Second Life, amazingly cool costumes and sets, very effective storytelling.  Color me impressed.

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