Friday, August 27, 2010

Sketchup Bonus Materials

With Google sketchup models being easily accessible to both Iclone and MovieStorm, sketchup is a good tool to have in your anymation movie-making belt.  Ive been playing around with sketchup for a little while now and while I'm no expert I can do most of the things I need to do.  Still, after a year and a half of putzing about, I only today downloaded the bonus materials pack.  Doh!  This little pack greatly increases the number of textures you can paint your model with.  Definitely worth the download.  

Just download the materials library link and change the folder in the installation process to the Sketchup 7 folder.  Easy Peasy.

Thanks to the Dr. Nemesis Blog for the link.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monsters of the Atomic Age!

A man finds fame in a monster suit. Fame fades. World explodes.


thebiz as Dave/Growth-O!
6HeadedMonster as Steve-O!
Madison as Little Girl
JohnnyEx as Angry Dad
Nahton as The Boss
Wolf as Alan Hale/Giant Robot monkey
Norrie as Quinn/King Buzzo
GoofParade as The Mayor
Dulci as Dulci@Dusk
Act3Scene24 as Felix Award Presenter
Sisch as Marie Heim
MrsBiz as Red Leather
Jase180 as JetPackBoy

Music by Precog and Kevin Macleod

Full credits in film.

Please let me know if you have any problems viewing the flick.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A crutch is a tool after all...

Watched KibishiPaul's The Comeback last night.  On TMU he has provided an interesting and involved description of the scenario/story involving generation of clowns and the protagonist being a very bad performer who wants to take off the makeup.  However, the flick itself contains no dialog and could be easily broken down to a simple little horror story (though not a bad one, pretty fun I thought) that has none of this back story.  It made me wonder if the description served to enhance the movie by adding context and secondary info or if the movie failed to explain the plot and uses the description as a crutch.  

With online videos, the description is closely tied to the movie and I always read it before viewing a flick so here I tend to feel it can be used as a tool.  No, the story line doesn't need to be fully expounded upon but perhaps some small verbal clues can be used to aid the visual story or is this cheating so to speak? Tag lines are used in most cinema poster promotions while expository info is often used in trailers.  With online videos the description is sitting right there next to the little screen so why not use it?  Or perhaps all this is pretty obvious. Thoughts?  

Friday, August 6, 2010

Video Game Makings

Continuing on the subject of Video Games, Edge Magazine has a very cool weekly feature on the "Making of.." various games both current and classic.  The articles run the gauntlet (hehe) from design to tech specs and a good bit of history.  Some of my favorites so far include:

Little Computer People  (Thanks for the heads up Overman!) - A Sim before the Sims ('85) for the Commodore64

Tapper - Hard to believe making video games was as simple as they make it sound here.  And who doesnt love a beer themed game.

Gauntlet - The multiplayer co-op Granddaddy

Repton - Never heard of it but an interesting story as its creator was 15 and lasted 2 years before leaving the game business behind to enter college.

Worth a look at thelist to see if one of your favorites is there as well.