Friday, August 6, 2010

Video Game Makings

Continuing on the subject of Video Games, Edge Magazine has a very cool weekly feature on the "Making of.." various games both current and classic.  The articles run the gauntlet (hehe) from design to tech specs and a good bit of history.  Some of my favorites so far include:

Little Computer People  (Thanks for the heads up Overman!) - A Sim before the Sims ('85) for the Commodore64

Tapper - Hard to believe making video games was as simple as they make it sound here.  And who doesnt love a beer themed game.

Gauntlet - The multiplayer co-op Granddaddy

Repton - Never heard of it but an interesting story as its creator was 15 and lasted 2 years before leaving the game business behind to enter college.

Worth a look at thelist to see if one of your favorites is there as well.

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