Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Room to Die In

It's a common story.  I just wanted a platform to tell my little stories and show off the ideas in my head.  Along the way I've learned a bit about video game theory, began making digital music, have become somewhat proficient in graphic arts, dabbled in acting,  touched on costume design, done bags of research on bizarre topics, developed scripts, proofread  scripts for others (Am I qualified for this?  As much as anything else I suppose...) , gained (limited) knowledge on video conversion processes, developed architectural exterior and interior designs and the list goes on.  

This week has been one involved in interior design.  Based on my experience from the House of Horrors project, I've developed a workflow that begins with me creating my rooms in sketchup.  Wall cutouts are hard to achieve in Iclone but rather simple in sketchup and I actually like the textures offered there.  So when I realized I would need an office for a movie mogul in my current project, off I went to sketchup where I built a simple rectangular box with three square windows on one side, the walls divided with a wood finish on the bottom and a seventies wallpaper texture on top (see the pic from the previous post).  My muse was most likely the initial office of the movie mogul from Barton Fink.  At least some version of it stored away in my porridgey like brain.   Tossed it into Iclone (the prop, not the brain) and got to work on furnishing and lighting.  Then realized how much I disliked the design.

My experience in interior design consists of a "use what you find" (I am an avowed garage sale kind of guy) attitude and the memory of that interior designer in Brewster's Millions who kept trying to design a room that Brewster would want to die in.  As I decorated that room I realized how much it looked like the band rehearsal space I created in my parents basement when I was 15.  A hodgepodge of crappiness. Ok says I, back to the drawing board.  After thinking things over, the intent here is some sort of swinging bachelor pad of an office (the time period is a combination of late 50's to the early 70's in some type of alternate universe of style and makes more sense in my head I suppose).  So I hit up the google image search and found two pics I liked....oooh, circular and wood and stone and groovy fireplaces and bars.


Loved that bar on the first pic so it became the focus of my office (which is now an office/lounge...ok just a lounge).  Then I realized a fishtank would be needed.  So mixing all these elements (and a pair of Corbusier chairs) together like some kind of chef salad here is what I got:

Im still short a possible rug, lamp, fish for the tank (hmm paths not stationed on the ground are difficult), fire for the fireplace, track lighting, additional posters and some knicknacks but I think Ive got the basis of a room here that I could die in. Or at least have a drink in.  

As much as I like to get things done in an expeditious manner, I always find it satisfying when I step back, think about what I want and eventually achieve it.

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