Monday, November 30, 2009

Character Development

Spent a chunk of my free time over the holiday working on characters for my upcoming project.  There are all sorts of quirks and oddities in the Iclone body and facial sculpture but eventually I got some characters that I felt I could live with and have grabbed enough experience to move forward with less dress rehearsal jitters.  Still wondering why there are not more hairstyles (either by RL or 3rd party).

The chubby fellow to the left could use a better hawiian shirt for sure (less a hawiian tshirt) and my bikini gal should probably roll with a different design than polka dots but like I said, it'll do for now.  Hope you all had a fantabulous turkey/pie day.  Mine was solid.

And if anyone might be interested in helping me create a Robot Monkey suit that the afore mentioned chubby fellow to the left could wear, aquire within.  This is my last big hitch in the production at this time. 


  1. If the polka dot bikini stays, I hope it's a yellow one? And teeny weenie.
    Should I be reminded of Mystery Men? Fun flick.

  2. I hope you find a Robot Monkey - that combines too of my favorite things!