Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stop Motion Goodness

I have never really sat down and searched for good movies on youtube, feeling instead this is the proving ground for 13 year old Jackass wannabes and illegally uploaded tv show clips.  However, after being required to upload to youtube for the contest (and realizing its a much more snazzy site that it was a year or two ago) I've been spending a little more time there and have been enjoying the visits.  Here are two stop motion flicks I caught last night that impressed me to no end.

First up is Madam Tutli Putli.  Reminded me of Amelie by way of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (or perhaps more fittingly Jacobs Ladder..though the sound design in "Madam" is similar to "Massacre" in its crazy tension and volume)  Tense, beautiful, cluttered.  Characters move with the heaviness of puppets with realistic (creepy) eyes.  Open ending might frustrate some but its pretty haunting altogether and will stay etched in my brain fro quite a while.  And I have my theories on just what is going on here.

Next up is Vincent by Tim Burton.  Created in 1982 and narrated by Vincent Price its a cute and deranged little short that has more than a hint of what Burton would soon become.  What struck me was the lighting and the angles of the shots.  Kind of a Noir, expressionist, classic horror, children's short.  Watching it made me want to attempt to recreate certain scenes in Iclone.  Would certainly be a fun exercise. 

Hope you enjoy.  

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