Monday, December 21, 2009

The TWCS and Sleeper

After many many months in the making, BudBundysMullet has released The TWCS!  Its full of much XXXmas cheer, holiday shenanigans, rad 80's commercials, a truly stunning Chipmunks Christmas parody thats so well done you will swear its the real thing and much else.  Its kinda like a perverse and twisted Heehaw Christmas Special but with Aussie in-jokes substituting for redneck outhouse knock knock jokes.  Sort of.

Anyways, part of my contribution to the project was a take on the old TMO xmas scenario that inevitably featured jesus and the easter bunny (being that The Movies provided a bunny suit, santa suit and jesus was easy enough to achieve).  I managed to get a paper cutout look by designing everything as a 2d prop in sketchup including the characters.  This was an idea that I had been playing around with for a long long time.  Originally I wanted to make a Coney Island movie using 2d props so as to look like a community theater production.  The Coney Island movie eventually morphed into Whitefish and now I have finally used the idea here in Sleeper.  I was mighty happy with the resulting look.  Its best viewed as part of the whole TWCS but if you happen to be under the age of 18 and 6 year old suicide bombers don't disturb you you can see it below.  But you will be missing out on the reason for the season you scrooge!

Sleeper from thebiz on Vimeo.

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