Thursday, November 12, 2009

O My!

Check out this crazy parody from Teviniii, made with Ic4.  Amazingly good character creations (look  at those facial expressions!), lighting, lifelike animations and snazzy set design.  Similar in subject matter to those old claymation deathmatch shows or perhaps a touch of robot chicken.  Probably the most polished production I've yet to see made with Ic4.  Wouldn't surprise me at all to see this on the boobtube one night.  A high bar to strive for me thinks.  Very good stuff.


  1. Thanks for the link, bizarre and wonderful film..Kate

  2. Oh my indeed!
    Is this what we must expect from iClone4? Sad parodies of Onion parodies?
    Crazy Talk and bad voices make no a good flick.
    Oprah is too easy a target; I've yet to see a proper IC4 movie. This was not one.

  3. I concede that the content was not for all...personal choice and such but the production values in the flick are the best I have seen. It feels as alive as any IClone production that I know of. Every character has an expression (albeit exaggerated), the crowd scene was excellent, the outside shot with vehicles in the city was well done and the studio itself was awash in all the garish light and sound that I figure daytime tv entails. No, I'm not running out to make a parody in this vein but I am excited to take some of the techniques I saw here to use them in my own productions.

    That being said, I did wonder just how much money was spent on the various extras used here. The city set is a pricey one all on its own.