Friday, October 30, 2009

Hair Loss, Bewitched, Chick Tracts and Baby Monsters

In the battle against hair loss there can be only one winner.  No wait, there are four winners (of varying degree of prizes). 

Create a 60 second clip about hair loss (comedy, drama, else) for a chance to win cash or a fancy camera.

I'm in. Plus I've enlisted a bit of help in the idea department from some friends which gives the whole process a Mad Men/Darren Stephens* (Bewitched) kinda advertising campaign feel.  Im stoked though I gotta figure out how to create a toupee thing in Iclone.  Thanks for the heads up Dulci.

* Did you know that Darren was played by Dick York who hurt his back and was replaced by Dick Sargent (did the producer figure no one would notice so long as the actors first name was Dick?).  But perhaps more interesting, 2 actresses won posthumous Emmys for Bewitched.  Yep, bewitched won an Emmy (er...2).  Which leads me to Boo! which I actually picked up in a Kroger in the South (the religious tract, not the movie) and vividly remember the page discussing how Bewitched was indeed Satanic.  But thats neither here nor there.  Watch Boo because it's funny and Halloween themed.  Then go watch Guppy's Godzilla because it's cuter than ...well I got nothing.  It's cute so watch it.  End transmission. 

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  1. Godzilla is a much better watch on You Tube:

    Not because of the higher quality or anything; but because the singing is sooooo much better.