Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Set Design and Wasting the Rappers

In news of old things that I find interesting, theres a new Life magazine special that highlights the 50 Greatest unsolved Mysteries.  Some pretty good little snippets here like "What Killed Rasputin?", "Who was D.B. Cooper?" (I love DB Cooper), "What Happened to Judge Crater?" and so on.  Cool black and white photos, though the text was probably ripped straight from wikipedia (or is that the other way around).  Anyway, the mysteries are listed in chronological order so the older ones start it off and towards the end we get "Who killed Jon Benet Ramsey?".  Now almost all of the 50 shorts involve questions like "Who killed...", "Where is...?", "What happened to...?".  Then out of nowhere comes the title "Who Wasted the Rappers?" which should have been followed by the question "Which Editor got fired for allowing such a title?".  The inclusion of the murder of Biggie and Tupac is appropriate (I love Biggie as well) but that title just strikes me as demeaning and incredibly stupid.  Eh mountains and molehills and such.

Worked a bit on Steve-O's last night.  Adjusted the Steve-O sign (much better me thinks), added interior backdrops running at an angle within the building to give a sense of perspective when looking through the window, created the balloons in sketchup (would you believe there is no effective group of balloons in 3d warehouse that are less than 1Meg), added the Color TVs sign, adjusted the sidewalk width and added the roadway markings and a scooter.  Whew...

Still some additional signage to add to the windows, add some color to the grand opening sign and then I need to figure something out for the background besides trees.  I think this is an urban setting so I'll either look for some buildings or perhaps either a photo-realsitic or cartoony urban backdrop.  Have to play around with this to see what works.  Might shrink the line weight on that roadway marking..its kinda big.  Finally I'll send it off to some set design guru to get an opinion.  Overall, I think shrinking the sidewalk and the Steve-O sign goes a long way to making this look better.

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  1. You know, I partly agree on "Who wasted the Rappers?" not being the nicest of possible titles, but then again I happen to think it is how they would put it, too (only they would probably say "Who wasted the ni**ers?"). So I do not so much disagree with the demeaning nature of the title than the accepted decline of language that wents with it.