Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surfs up and the need for some perspective

Strolling about on my morning web commute I ended up reading the reelviews review of Wings (1927).  An interesting review  that describes the flick as something of a time capsule capturing the essence of WWI in that brief time before the world had to view it through the lens of WWII.  Also mildly amusing is James' brief take on how Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor (made approximately 70 years later) infects Wings with a sense of cliché.  So a fine read of a silent classic which made brief mention of Clara Bow's breasts (Wings was pre-Hays code) which sent me googling Clara Bow and...hubba hubba.

Not all that familiar with Clara (somehow thought she was the intended parody of Lina Lamont from Singing in the Rain..but perhaps not).  Anyhow, the "It" girl wikipedia entry is well worth 20 minutes of your day.  At least it was was to me (my favorite quote from Dorothy Parker..."It, hell, She had those."  Also fun to note that putting on your lipstick in a heart motion is called putting on a Clara Bow...).  

And moving on to things more animation based..Ive started work on a new project.  Script is drafted and being reviewed and I'm currently developing some of the characters and sets and such.  So here is a very early version of a set I was working on last night; a simple electronics store.  

I'm still considering how to develop the store interior (use an interior backdrop/wall or use individual props...I don't have any interior scenes so probably just the backdrops) and I will be adding some flyers on the windows (20% Off!) and pehaps some street and parking lot markings (and perhaps a vehicle or two).  The Grand Opening sign is a flex prop that waves gently in the wind (though I think it could use some color).  And I'm rather proud of the how the set is shaping up.

But the question is should I be?  I keep trying to step back to view things as an outsider because as the creator I have that bit of pride that keeps me from realizing its not all that good.  The same issue happens with all my projects in just about all the phases.  Is this script good or is my sense of pride unjustified.  Is my halloween movie solid or have I just watched it too many times to know the difference.  This is where a mentor/critic role would come in handy.   

Looking at the screenie this morning I'm thinking that the Steve-O sign is way too big in relation to the building and the sidewalk is too big as well so thats more things to add to my list.  More on this project as it develops (feels like 4-6 months production to me) though as a little teaser clue I will say that this flick will use of exclamation marks to excess.  

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