Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Time, Another Place

Just returned from a brief trip to Barcelona.  My first time in Europe.  Good times were had.  Perhaps a picture in the next few days.  

One of more interesting things about the trip was the daily calls to Kid Millions (who stayed home in the able hands of Grandma and Grandpa).  With a 6 hour time difference it was a bit surreal being constantly reminded of how the life I live 98% of the time exists on a totally different time plane.  While me and Mrsbiz are wrapping up a day of sightseeing and getting ready for dinner and drinks, the boy is just getting his day started.  Felt like an alternate reality of sorts.  

Anywho, was great to get out.  Was even better to return.  

And while Im on a completely different subject, three short reviews for movies recently seen.

Alice in Wonderland - Almost managed to be entertaining until the ending came along and absolutely ruined any good will it had managed to build.  If Tim Burton allowed that JarJarBanks moment of stupidity at the end with less protest than than I imagine....well...color me disappointed.  Perhaps he should stick with stop motion and stop employing Mr. Depp (though his wife was solidly amusing as ever).

Sherlock Holmes - Saw it on the plane on a 6" screen about 6" from my face.  Surprisingly enjoyable me thought.  Plot was garbage but characters and scenarios were thoroughly amusing.  Part 2 with a less scoffable storyline?  One can hope.

Public Enemies - Surprisingly boring with characters that failed to engage me in any way.  A long plane ride seemed even longer.  Well at least Johnny didn't dance a jig at the end.


  1. Alice: 3D or correct?
    (OK, I may have given my opinion away, but I'm curious about your take.

    I liked Holmes: only Ritchie movie I've enjoyed.

    But come on Mr thebiz? More on your European adventure please :)

  2. Welcome back! It's about time you had a surreal experience after giving us so many through your flicks :P

  3. We saw Alice in 3d. The Mrs. is enamored with the effect while I still think it will be a fad that overcharges theatergoers and is too rarely used in a compelling manner. But then I saw the Blue man movie in the third row and all the way to the right so the effect was dampened even in the showpiece for me.

    Hmm, more European adventures eh. Well, we were not quite the Griswolds. Saw the sites. Gaudi was a very interesting man with unique vision. Sagrada Familiar was very cool. Park Guel was my fave (done first thing early morn before the masses arrive). Hit up the Miro Museum which was interesting. Didn't know much about the man beforehand. A fun quote involved his urge to "assassinate painting" (as a technique).

    90% of the tapas bars are not worth the Euros (and being on the old US dollar let me just say OUCH...pricey! Even compared to NYC) but on occasion you find something yummy and unique (cured tuna and almonds being my favorite taste of the trip). A stroll down La Rambla is akin to a stroll through Times Square. Fine once, irritating afterwards (way too many people who are far too content to stroll slowly along...sorry, Im an uptight east coast kinda guy who likes to stay ahead of crowds instead of strolling along with them).

    Very groovy Gothic quarter with cathedrals galore. Estralla is Barcelona's able bodied budweiser. Seemed a bit homogeneous in its racial makeup. Very clean, touristy at times, excellently walkable. Given the choice to revisit Barcelona or Mexico City (which is strangely similar in many respects) I'd take the DF. Still a very enjoyable trip. I'll try post a pic or two in the next couple of days and maybe some links for those interested in further research.