Friday, March 26, 2010

EDay40 yo

Yes, Earth Day is coming (now called Eday40 for those in the ever hip know) and this year its hyped with catchy phrases like "b the E"  (is that like being in a K-hole?) and "i am E" (they are trying to pass them off as being inspired by that I fight fire with fire and say LOL) and is sporting Earth Day gang signs.

Mark my words, someones gunna get hurt throwing these signs around.  And am I the only one thinking of an Anchorman  style street fight between the E'ers, the Greenpeacers and say...PETA?  I suppose I am.  

Ok, I guess my sarcasm got the better of me this morning staring at the poster on the train.  I like the earth as much as the next guy.  The promotion is just a bit too text generation for me I suppose.  Now get off my lawn you kids!

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