Friday, March 5, 2010

Clockwork....No really, clockwork

As a fan of pictures from yesteryear, two of my favorite websites are Shorpy and If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger...  Shorpy tends to get its hi-res pictures from the Library of Congress (as a side note the hi-res shots are really the way to freaking this one of Joe Jefferson the early film comic - note the couple in the background and dig on those clothes.  Side note number two: another wonderful part of Shorpy is the comments where there's often some bit of interesting info about the image that some anonymous poster will share), which is a very cool repository of photos and the like.  I made pretty good use of it way back on O the Ocean and its fun to just type in a subject and explore the archives.  

Today I was looking at pics of Cooper Union (Free but very exclusive College of the Arts in NYC) when I came across this one of the inner workings of the Cooper Union clock.  Somehow I always thought clockwork would be a bit more grandiose.  And who would have thought that time can kept using long doohickies that intersect with the hands of the clock at something other than a right angle.  Still I think its a pretty cool little photograph (if you are interested, the Hi-Res tiff is available at the LoC site). 

Reminds me of the old joke about Bill Clinton and the presidential clock that is in the attic of the White House.  Some other time perhaps.

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