Saturday, March 6, 2010

Movie Night

Spent the eve watching some flicks on TMU.  Some silly, some interesting and one big winner.  Lets review:

Grayskull: Rise of the Hordak Part 2 - Great characters and sets.  Amazing VOs.  Animation is stilted and lacking.

Crimes Worst Nightmare Part 1 - Stick with it and you get a pretty funny Police Squadish parody of all great cop/buddy movies.  HomeMadeEye is certainly unique.  By not caring much he serves up solid comedy.  Kwistufa is very, very scary in cameo.

Show me the Sun - Music video in MS.  Looks lovely but a bit too unfocused to be particularly effective

Fallen Angels - Cute characters, a solid idea.  Again the animation lacks and the writing is a bit repetitive.

Sandstorm - The Winner.  Incredibly well writtten, performed and filmed.  Best thing Ive seen in a long while.  Miss it at your own peril.

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