Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cartoon Modern and Transportation Future

Heres a fascinating Blog that ran for about 3 years called Cartoon Modern (which also served to promote the Cartoon Modern book).  It highlights the animation and design styles of the 1950's.  From Mary Blair to Tom Oreb theres a boatload of cool stuff here.  The blog then seems to have moved to Tumbler with a daily(ish) still shot.  I could spend a lot of time reading through this stuff.  Take a look see if you gots the time (below is a still from Ward Kimbal's Adventures in Music:Melody - 1953 and Mary Blair's concept for "The Little House" which reminds me of the Blade Runner Concept even further below).

Another interesting man of style (futurist) is Syd Mead, famous for his concept designs for Blade Runner, Tron and a host of others.  I wasn't familiar with Mead till read about the NVArt5 competition on the myclone blog this morning.  Cool competition.  An even cooler guy.  Run a google image search on him and you will find more than a little bit of super stylish futuristic design (like this concept still from blade runner below).  

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