Thursday, April 8, 2010

New York Destroyed by 1980s Video Games

Nice!  I especially like the tetrisized buildings and the overall effects.  I would wonder about the budget but always feel cheated by the answer (for instance a production that supposedly is made on no budget or 5-10K by someone who possesses many of the required skills to pull something like this off would cost the average unskilled person - say a producer - 50K to pay the talent).  Just a thought.  Feels a little in the same vein as Panic Attack.  A fine view.

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Further, looking at inspiration for Monsters of the Atomic Age materials and came across this excellent movie poster for my favorite Andy Griffith flick (coutesy of "If Charlie Parker were a Gunslinger..."'s Art of Cinema series.).  Mmmmm, bourbon, sin and blood.  Also really love the shot of the outstreched hands of Lonesome Jones across America.  If you've never caught A Face in the Crowd its well worth adding to your netflix queue.  Some sort of premonition to Network (another 5 star flick) and stars a super evil version of the sheriff of Mayberry.  Big thumbs up.  Was recently thinking about how the "Hudsucker Proxy" is kind of the antithesis of Face in the Crowd (though they both contain that "Going Down" elevator scene).  OK, enough babble.


  1. Watched Pixels yesterday after Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced) pimped it on his Twitter feed. The Tetris building was definitely a highlight.

    Never heard of A Face in the Crowd – mind you, Andy Griffiths isn't a name over here.
    Man they don't write tag lines like that any more! Sadly netflix isn't a name over here either, so I'm getting it off the net in a slightly different way. *cough*

  2. Andy was one of the things I really liked about the south. Sitting in a hot, smoky room with a ceiling fan running, drinking Schlitz and watching the Andy Griffith Show while going on about just how fast that jug band could play. Crotchety old Ben Matlock was another fave. Part Columbo in a baby blue suit, part Perry Mason with a hot dog in hand. Seeing Griffith play the evil role of Lonesome Rhodes was akin to seeing an exceedingly hot Angela Lansbury in The Picture of Dorian Gray.

    Let me know if like a Face in the Crowd. The Vitajex ads are a hoot.

  3. Spent a while reading about the guy.
    I can picture Matlock so I must have seen an episode here or there, but I don't recognise the younger face.

    The only US TV show I remember seeing (it was the late 60s before we got the box, and I was a mere stripling, was Mary Tyler Moore and Dick van Dyke (was that the same show?) I remember Rhoda more though, maybe it was later.

    I seem to recall reading that US shows were aired on ITV (the commercial channel) and my father was a BBC man through and through. No vulgar Americans there – not even Sesame Street!

    I'm assuming you haven't watched the Dorian Grey remake? I know I won't, bloody cgi.

    Anyhoo, I now have a Face in the Crowd and am going to watch it once the sun goes down, looking forward to it.

    Man I'm touchy! I read your last line as
    "Let me know if I like a Face in the Crowd."
    instead of a simple typo. I nearly got all defensive and pissy! (again)