Monday, April 19, 2010

Barcelona Redux, Flat Cars, Kickass Ripoff

As promised a ways back, heres a few shots from Barcelona.  Roman columns hidden within the city, buscars at Park Guel, me outside Sagrada Familiar, Mrsbiz in the Gothic Quarter.


Heres a quick shot from sketchup of an idea I was playing with.  More in the vein of the 2D/3D "sleeper" with the design a bit inspired from some stills at Cartoon Modern (see previous post).  Will have to put this away for a while while I try to get MotAA finished up by the July deadline (as a possible entry to the Reallusion Sci-Fi contest) but Im posting it here as a reminder for later.

Keeping to my usual all over the map motif, I went to see KickAss this weekend.  Fun play on comic book movies.  Production values looked a bit TV (video) to me but the story was fun, constantly and defiantly contradicting itself and it contained enough black humor to keep things lively.  However, I was disappointed to see a particular painting used in a key locale.  The print is of Andy Warhol's "Gun" which depicts the snub nose 22 pistol that Valerie Solanas used to shoot him in 1968.  The painting works well in the set.  My appointment stems from the fact I included this very same print in a set of "Monsters..." I shot 2 days before seeing the movie.  Arg!  The painting is prominent enough in Kickass that when you see it in my flick you would probably recognize it and think it was inspired by the movie, which it was not.  To re-shoot or to leave be...that is the question.  Sigh.

Also saw The Hangover this weekend.  Amusing but perhaps overhyped and as a result not as funny as I had hoped (though the rainman tribute was inspired).  In contrast to Kickass though this one looked very polished.  Lush, dark and glossy.  


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  2. EDIT:

    We were in Barcelona about a year ago. I fell in love with the city (and Gaudi) the way I never imagined.

    Did you visit other cities and areas near Barcelona? We missed the Dali Museum. Very sad. (Will have to go back...)


  3. Hey Kate, we stayed in Barcelona the whole time. We considered a night in Santa Maria de Montserrat but were only there for 3.5 days and had plenty to fill the time. Missed the Picasso museum (my only real regret) but hit the Miro museum instead (solid).

    My first love of international cities in Hanoi. I would definitely live there (or at least the there that it was some 5 years ago). Sigh.