Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sketchup Modeler; Fight Night

Its going to be a while before I invest in 3dExchange 4 so I'm still working my way through various sketchup models.  One of my favorite modelers is IDW (Ian west) who has a varied array of high quality models good for all your sketchup needs.  Vintage Televisions, The S.S. Enterprise or Millineum Falcon, gates, street and railroad segments, cartoony wizards quarters, military barracks and bunks, bathtubs and a lot of main street urban buildings from his often used warehouse to this very cool lawyer office.  Even if you don't have a specific idea when you go looking through his models you might have one when you leave.

Heres a good version of Nemo's Nautilus for your League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie (hey part 2 of Century gets released soon I believe).  Then there's this unbelievable rendition of Edward Cooper's Nighthawks by jedicharles who also makes some pretty nifty futuristic transportation models (among other things).  You really should download it just to see it in 3d.  Very impressive.   I wish more people would recreate famous artworks.  Well, heres Hegel's Holiday (Magritte), and heres an attempt at Dali's Persitance of Memory.  Would love to see a 3d version of Guernica.  When I first started using Iclone I made a crappy sketchup version of Picasso's Guitar Model and slapped together a little scene.  Perhaps I should revisit it one day and see if its salvageable/watchable.  My own sketchup abilities are rudimentary to say the least but I manage (well I manage to get a one star review...hehe).  Well not much of interest here but my balloon model (all from scratch) gets some hits.  Its all just stuff I made for specific instances.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

And heres a recent Shorpy entry that I love.  Such magnificent mustaches and machismo.   Click it (or here) for the HiRes version.

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