Saturday, July 10, 2010

My hero,

A few days ago I mentioned my baseball Faust story idea.  I made a little pitch to my co-workers over lunch and one of them mentioned a website (forgotten at the moment) where you pitch your ideas at people who have the ability to contribute to the idea which would fund your dream in the area's where money is necessary.  An interesting idea but alas I was mmm...pensive about just how this works and what benifit the contributer would get out of the arrangement and such.  Still its an interesting sounding idea.  And no, Im not going to pitch the baseball faust idea there.

However, Incomptech, Kevin MacLeod's music and movie critique website, recently raised $1,500 in 5 days for some new music software and I gotta say thats pretty freakin awesome.  Kevin has allowed his excellent music archive to be used comercially and otherwise with little else but contribution rights for the last couple of years.  His fingerprints can be found all over machinima and elsewhere.  Its pretty cool that people are willing to give back to a guy who gives a lot (or has defined himself and his website as a leader in the new age of internet music rights and responsibility)

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