Friday, July 16, 2010


Ive been working a bit on an idea for myclone's comic book challenge lately.  LastLegs is a character I've been wanting to bring to life for a few months and a still life comic book seems a good place to start.  He's based on a song from CopShootCop (titled aptly...Last Legs) but my version is an old and decrepit man who's a bit more spry than you would think at first glance.  Wasnt completely happy with the character model yet (looks a bit to young and nice).  No telling if I can get it done by the deadline as I wont start really working till MotAA is done.  Anywho, played around a bit with photoshop this morn and got a look that I was pleased with.  File this one under more ideas floating about the noggin.

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