Monday, November 7, 2011

A look at the 2011 MachinExpo Films - Part 2

Continuing through the screening films, here are two more that I enjoyed profusely:

Pixilated Truth by ArbitDelacroix  - "Pop Art Lab music video contest entry for Giana Factory's Pixelated Truth"

This music video is a perfect example of the of the power of SL as a machinima tool.  The character models are wonderful, the motions are effective, the editing is excellent and the end result is something you might see on a bigger medium than Youtube.  Catchy song.

It strikes me that I have seen more effective and memorable music videos made in second life than any other platform.  And not for lack of trying as Iclone is constantly being used in this genre.  Perhaps there's an inherent glossiness in SL that works well for music videos.  Perhaps its a difference in the way the directors film (and I do believe there are basic general differences in the way programs teach/influence the director to shoot things).  Perhaps its just my bias.  Something to ponder. 

Transmission by Ed Lie - "A lone astronaut, miles from home."

The majority of machinima shorts that I watch lack a defining moment.  I reach the end of the movie and pass judgement upon the productions strengths and weaknesses to determine where it stands among other machinima shorts that I have seen.  There are plenty of good shorts that have no moment.  they are cohesive and perhaps even thought provoking.  But the kind of moment I'm talking about is one that is bigger than the movie itself.

Occasionally there is one with an aha moment, or a moment of genuine humor or sadness that tends to pull me out of the screen for a moment and makes me evaluate what I have just seen.  Transmission has such a moment.  Stylish and mysterious this moment changes the environment that Transmission works within but leaves the definition of the new environment blurry.  Lets call it a "wait.....uh...what?"  moment.  While this may sound like a detriment it actually works incredibly well and makes Transmission truly memorable.  

I would not have been suprised to see Transmission as a jury finalist.  Crazy high production values.  My only qualm involves the music which too often feels like a round peg forced into a square hole.

November 19-20


  1. I'm enjoying your comments on various films screening at the Expo this year. I think you are right on the nose about SL being a very good medium for the music video. Fluid in Blue, which is one of the jury finalists this year, is a favorite of mine for many of the reasons you cite.

    We debated a good while on Transmission as a jury film. Just didn't quite make it for a variety of reasons, although the film was on our first ballot.

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