Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime, Graeme Mitchell

Amid the sunshine and the cookouts and the walks to the park or trains to Coney Island and the late nights playing Texas Hold'em in Red Dead Redemption (almost like having friends..hehe) it is hard to work on Machinima or even interact so much with the computer.  Now that the 2010 Machinima Expo is officially accepting submissions I have a new deadline of August 31st to complete Monsters.  Wish me luck - or perhaps a cold rainy weekend.

Ran across this very cool site featuring the photography of Graeme Mitchell.  Lots and lots of NYC in wonderful black and white making everything look like its 1970s and making me want to pull out the old 35m. Man, when is the last time I took a picture with something other than my phone?

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