Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Map Fun, LoC Tour, Without Words

Another excellent Map, this time in the Gothamist.  Here someone has used geo-tagged photos to delineate NYC locals from tourists to produce a tourist hotspot map. OK, realistically I don't need a map to avoid areas with throngs of tourists but it is an interesting idea and a groovy looking map.

Next up, Without Words from ToxicMenges.  A little creepy, cool SL Machinima.  Good narration, great visuals.  This is the second time TM has impressed me with Second Life (Princess and the Pea was the other).  

Finally, heres a tour of the Library of Congress digital archive process.  Ive mentioned my love of the LoC before and if you like geeky digital archive things this is a very fun read.

Also, a brief mention about a very brief (4 pages) writeup about "how Pixar works" in the latest issue of Wired.  You would think it would be a bit more hefty given its the cover story but theres a pretty cool set of pics that goes from storyboard concept to actual movie scene still.  Worth thumbing through in your local newstand.

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