Wednesday, February 17, 2010

King Buzzo, Olympic Ideas, Explosions!

Here a quick poster I worked up for the MotAA production thread over on TMU.  Im real excited to work with King Buzzo.  I hear he's quite the professional.

Amid all the work I've been doing on that production I've ended up watching a fair amount of the winter Olympics when I had no intention of doing so.  I just happened to flip by and saw some scrawny looking russian ice skater who looked like he wanted to die because he had made a mistake that cost him his 5 minutes of fame.  And then I remembered how there was occasionally some unhyped, completely real emotion seen in the Olympics and then it was too late.  So last night was the mens ice skating competition which was just unbelievably funny.  "Blades of Glory" was but a tiny LED compared to the sunburst of garish comedy on display in this event.  

There was an Italian Luke Duke wannabe (complete with undone overall), Edward Featherhands, the Tassle (who actually looks like edward scissorhands) and Skeletor.  Too much fun.

Anyways, it got me thinking about how much fun a Olympic mashup would be where the ice skaters would have to form a team and take on the worst olympic hockey team while that hockey team would have to compete in the figure skating comp.  Cutting Edge of Glory anyone?

Sorry, enough of the sillyness.  Check out WarLords first part of The Outland; Freeport 7 for some impressive scifi effects (including things that flock together, things that break apart and a wonderful floating dead woman) and a solid start to something good.


  1. You must have been some kind of bored to watch that ;)

    I like the poster! Very '50s sci-fi.