Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Boss, Hectic Times, Some more eh....

Another promotional poster from the MotAA production thread for your perusal. 

Quickly coming up on a busy couple of weeks that will entail a move to a new pad (complete with a back yard!  Huzzah!  A rarity here and my first in 10 years.  Kid Millions will be pleased as will I as I cook burgers and drink beer in the summer sun.) followed by a a trip to Barcelona (my first time in Europe).  Perhaps there will be pictures that don't involve animated 3d characters.  A lot of fun but a bit hectic.  

Heres a flick I assume most of you have seen but I somehow missed; ThrowAxe's That's Amore.  Won the Romance category of the MS valentines competition but dont let that stop you.  Evokes all the airy goofy fun of a 50's musical.  Great animation sequences and camera work.  Pretty badass.

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