Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bouncing about like a jackalope.

I find something inherently cool about typography, language and the written word.  Back in  "Travel with Berlitz" I had an idea of a league of extraordinary linguists (Noam Chomsky, Charles Berlitz, C3P0) but settled on travel agent noir.  In the future I think I will tackle typography in some shape/form.  

Speaking of which, My little lego man entry in the video contest lost out to a short film of text and two others.  Check out the winners here.  While I wasnt so impressed with that particular typograophy short (3rd place), here is one worth taking a look at...War of the Worlds read by Welles and set to text.  Very cool stuff (and just over a minute long).  Really makes me want that After Effects Program (and you thought Iclone was expensive... hehe)....And here is another pretty cool shorty showcasing a typography as architecture art project.  Nifty.

Even in a film having nothing to do with typography, I think the style of the titles and credits has a profound effect on setting the mood (especially up at the beginning of the film) and is something often overlooked or tacked on right at the end of many little screen flicks.  Im just saying. 

A fine read (on a completely different subject) this morning is Berardinelli's take on the New York Times changing online pricing structure and on online commercial revenue in general.  SoundSnap sent me an email just the other day proposing a change in their pricing strategy, while MovieStorm continues to futz about with their subscription and pricing methods.  The internet is a hard place to make a living (especially when you start charging for something that was at one point free, or can be found elsewhere for free). 

Finally, The Genie and The Trashman is wrapped (my wrap party consisted of a couple of greyhounds while playing Uncharted 2 for a few hours last like a rockstar!).  It will be released thise week.  Keep an eye out here for more details.  

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